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 Lizard Man: The Life and Adventure of Bert Langerwerf

  by Bert Langerwerf






This excerpt is from Bert Langerwerf's book...


" Johnny LaRocca visited us as well this Spring. He is a fellow  

  Tegu breeder from Georgia and the one breeder I worked more

 closely with studying Tegus. His Tegus are the best that I have 

 seen produced anywhere except on my farm."     

 The caption under the picture is

 "Longtime friend and breeder Johnny LaRocca and me."



This was sent to us from Tim Wilkus Of Illinois...

" I'm very proud of Camilla.  She has come a long way since I got her (well, him now...just found out it's a boy!) I love him to death and I can't believe how much we have bonded.  People didn't believe me when I said I trained him to go back to his cage and come when he's called.  That is why I made a video of it.  I'll be honest, when I first got him I was a bit nervous.  I've seen mean and nice tegus, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was also not very sure about private breeders after getting ripped off by Bobby Hill.  But after talking with you a few times on the phone ( I think we talked for almost 2 hours one night), I was confident I went the right way.  Now i KNOW i did.  Camilla is just growing up beautifully.  I honestly couldn't have asked for a nicer tegu.  I no longer think at all that she might bite me.  I pick her up with confidence like I do my bearded dragon.  I feel Camilla and I have an amazing bond and trust that continues to grow everyday.  My friends and family think I'm nuts to keep such a large "creature" in my house.  They just don't get it.  I see her as part of my family, not just some animal in a cage.  I know Camilla looks forward to seeing me after work to come out and interact.  She holds her bowel movement until I get home which blows me away.  In the 5 months I've had her, she's maybe gone in her cage 4-5 times. Not bad considering how much these guys relieve themselves. lol.  My point is, I have such an amazing friend to grow with and it's a shame most people will never understand how smart these guys are and how rewarding it can be to own one.  I have to thank you for such an amazing animal with amazing temperment. Teguterra "

You can Follow videos of Camilla on you tube by subscribing to "illdaddyrod".




Timothy Wilkus of Tinley Park, Illinois, another satisfied customer, recently sent this to us. This is what he had to say ..

It's been a little over three weeks since I received my Chacoan Giant Tegu from you.I first just want to say I am in complete awe of how quickly my tegu has tamed down and came to know me as her keeper. I won't lie, I have put in a lot of time working with her a few hours a day, but the temperament from day one has been astounding!  Not once has she hissed, tried to bite, or tail whip me! She was a little skittish in the beginning, but that was to be expected. It's obvious you have put in a lot of time with your animals and bred good genes into your clutches.

When I open her enclosure, she crawls out to greet me, crawls onto my hands, and allows me to carry her to the bathroom where I let her free roam until she makes her bowel movement.  She never goes to the bathroom in her enclosure.  I guess you could say she is kind of potty trained.... As she explores and walks around she is constantly crawling on top of me.  It's amazing.  I will say she is a curious little bugger.  She tries to get into everything. My reptile room is connected to the bathroom so she has a lot of space to free roam under my supervision at least an hour a day. I truly believe she is very happy here enjoying her new life.

That brings me to you Johnny.  I know I have told you this before, but I want your prospective customers to know this as well if this is posted on your website. Your customer service has been amazing.  The late phone calls taken, the quick responses to my emails, and the patience in answering all my questions in a professional and friendly manner, has meant a lot and is very appreciated. It's too bad not all people run their business in this manner. Again, thank you!

I will wrap this up and just say thanks again for such a wonderful experience with my first tegu.  I have recommended you to all my other friends interested in purchasing a tegu for themselves.


Timothy WIlkus, Tinley Park, IL
Below are links to videos that Timothy sent to us ....
Tegu owner John Rutledge had a problem, Tegu Terra was glad to help..

On 2/20/2010 I E-mailed Mr. LaRocca with a problem I had with my tegu. That night I received an E-mail back stating that there was a lot of questions that needed to be answered about my tegu and he asked if he could call me. I responded with my phone number and Mr. LaRocca called me the next morning. This is my second tegu and of course I'm always learning and need help from time to time and Mr. LaRocca took the time out to personally call me and help by sharing his advice and knowledge with me. We talked for quiet a while and he asked me all about my Lil guy to get as much info on him as possible. My tegu, who I have had for a little over two weeks is very friendly, but the problem was he wouldn't eat and was not very active. We covered all of the basics on his enclosure heat ( hot and cool side ) to the temps, what he was eating, to UVB lighting before I got him. One of the last questions that was asked was if my tegu was dragging his rear legs when he walked, which he wasn't, but however, he would raise his his legs off the ground and they would shake.

I didn't know what that was, but Mr. LaRocca said it sounded like MBD ( metabolic bone disease) and advised me to take him outside and get him in to natural sunlight for 10-30 minutes and get a UVB bulb 10.0 for his enclosure. It was mentioned that this would also cause my tegu not to eat. So I went out and got a Reptile glow 10.0 and got him in the sun immediately for about 30 minutes. Then Mr. LaRocca said to help stimulate my tegu's appetite , soak him in a warm bath and while doing that get some ground turkey and mix it with some raw egg and put it in his enclosure. After 15 minutes, I put him back to eat..and what do you know..he went straight to eating finally.

So, I want to say, Thank You Mr. LaRocca for helping me even though my tegu WAS NOT purchased from you. It takes someone who really cares about tegus to help!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am looking forward to August when I can come by and see see the tegus and take a baby red home with me. So thanks again.

Our newest member, Mark E. Collins, had this to say...

I just want to say that Johnny LaRocca is carrying on a Tegu bloodline that is as superior a bloodline in the Tegu society as you could get. This bloodline of Tegus originated from the late great Bert Langerwerf. Johnny is continuing Berts dream and carring on to make sure anyone who buys one of these superior animals will know that they have the best of the best in the Tegu world. Anyone that has followed Berts quest over the years knows what i'm talking about. You can't go wrong with a TEGUTERRA Tegu.


Allen Lewis writes...

I got my red tegu in today and WOW... This girl is a beauty. She came in nice and healthy absolutley no flaws whatsoever with amazing colors.  Shes alert but calm and well formed with great build. You cant go wrong with these tegus, and I am positive I will adopt again. Also, He was not hesitant on shipping like most people and she went out next day.

Justin has this to say....

" I received my Argentine and red tegu today. WOW! They are absolutely flawless! They both have great weight, were alert yet calm and began to thermoregulate after they "warmed" up under their spot lights. Their color/pattern contrasts are nothing but the best. I have received 10 shipments within the last 6 months for my personal collection and these tegus were packed with the utmost care and space. The box was even still warm when I opened it! This is A+++ service and professionalism!

                                                                                                                                                - Justin "

Kevin from Houston, Texas sent us this       E-mail...

hey Johnny,
just wanted to say thanks for the awesome tegu. He's exactly what you described..... in size, looks, & temperament...... he really is "dog-tame"!!  I'll be getting back to you soon about getting a female for him!!

thanks again,

Another satisfied Texas customer


I have to say the service you gave us was excellent. This is the first Tegu I’ve ever owned and he/she is beautiful…though buried at the moment. Also this was the first time I’ve ever ordered a live animal from a website bedsides a Filipino wife once, she arrived high strung and vicious…kidding.

Nibbler(from Futurama)arrived calm and friendly and in beautiful condition. I held her and so did my 7 year old son Jake.

The most impressive thing about Tegu Terra is the service after the sale. You were full of excellent, helpful and reassuring advice and gladly gave it. That means a whole lot to me.

Thanks again!

Bill D.

McKinney, Texas

This is what one of our newest customers, Cody , wrote to us...

Ok thank you, I really appreciate you sitting down and answering my questions, most people even don’t answer them or just give 1 word answers .You know its people like you that that makes me want to buy your animals because if you’re giving me and you’re customers time I can't imagine what you do with your animals. Giving me time shows me much compassion and love you have for your animals most breeders will just say its $225 and ship it and don’t even care what kind of person that customer is and if they’re really take care of it. But I won’t doubt it if you give all your customers the time you gave me you will never not have business, you know there aren’t a lot of people out there like that and I just want to thank you for your time, if I had the money right now I would make no hesitation to adopt any of your animals because I can tell what kind of person you are. Make sure you keep me in mind because I will adopt your tegus after breeding season.. Thanks, Cody

A new customer, David Barnes, had these kind words

Hey Johnny,

I could use one word to describe this whole transaction but that still underrates who you and your animals are. That word is amazing. My first ever Tegu happens to be from your line. It is one of the tamest, aware and prettiest of all the animals I own. I have never ever been so attached to an animal. Another thing that is amazing is your service. You have taught me more about Tegus then any internet site could. You stayed up late to help me understand and learn about there care and called to make sure everything was ok. I have never met a breeder with such care and passion. I could go on and on but I will let other people find out first hand what it is like doing business with you. To all that read this do listen to his warning " you will get another soon trust me". My second Tegu is coming next week and that is not even a week after getting my first.


Take Care and keep up the excellent work,

David Barnes

....And later adds this...


Anytime when ever people go to ask about my Tegu I will make sure you name is in that Conversation. Like I said you take a Tegu who has bad reputation over size, food, and so on and make it seem like a small hamster ha-ha. And they are truly that easy to care for. On my forum I had a few people ask about size, temperament, and so on. To my shock they all had wrong info. That reds are mean, they eat costly foods, and they need a huge cage ( which is true but not no 10 foot like one person thought) and I used the knowledge I learned from you to make those people think about getting one.  I am speechless on how to continue this email.

Thanks Again, David



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