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Tegu Terra is located in Northwestern Georgia. Our farm  is about 55 miles   west of Atlanta on our nine acres. All of our Tegus are housed in outdoor pens, and then brought inside  to our climate controlled housing area to hibernate in the fall. We  have Tegus available year round. Providing utmost care, our goal is always to rehome healthy animals.  We guarantee that all Tegus adopted from Tegu Terra are bred and born  here at our Farm. With each adoption you will receive a "Certificate of Origin", signed and stating the above.

Below are photos of Johnny LaRocca with Bert Langerwerf ,Bert  with his wife Hester, and Bert's favorite pet "Wolfie".







Tegu Terra is the proud owner of Bert's favorite pet, "Wolfie"



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"TEGU TIME" in Argentina

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